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Site Credits


  • Main Page: Barbara Kinzie, Jhpiego
  • About ACCESS, Overview: Jhpiego
  • About ACCESS, PPH Conference: Rebecca Dineen, Jhpiego
  • Program Approach, Overview: Ayesha Vellani, Save the Children
  • Where We Work, Overview: Rebecca Dineen, Jhpiego
  • Tools and Resources, Overview: Rebecca Dineen, Jhpiego
  • For USAID Missions, Overview: Anne Tinker, Save the Children
  • Contact ACCESS: Annie Clark, American College of Nurse-Midwives

The inclusion of persons in images or photographs within this Web site should not be construed as an indication of their health status.

Web Development Team

  • Director, Marketing and Communications Office: Leslie Gianelli
  • Associate Director: Dana Lewison
  • Web Designer: Deborah Raynor
  • Publications Officers: Alisha Horowitz, Rebecca Fowler
  • Graphic Designers: Youngae Kim, Jamie Wolfe
  • Director, ACCESS: Koki Agarwal
  • Deputy Director, ACCESS: Pat Daly
  • Senior Program Manager, ACCESS: Juliet MacDowell
  • Director, Management and Information Systems Office: Jim Fennessey
  • Senior Web Site Developer: Eric Moller
  • Application Systems Manager: James BonTempo
  • Senior Network Systems Engineer: John Sievers

Special thanks to Sandra Crump and Elizabeth Kizzier, for their work on the ACCESS Web site. In her role as Publications Officer at Jhpiego through June 2005, Sandy's writing and editing skills were key to the Web site's development. In her role as Senior Program Officer for ACCESS through September 2005, Elizabeth helped to coordinate discussions and decision-making re: the Web site's content and structure.

Thanks to each ACCESS partner's communications liaison to the Web Development Team, for their assistance in providing content and photos for the Web site.

Thanks to Matthew Sattah at USAID, for his help in developing the "For USAID Missions" section of the Web site.

September 2005 Reviewers

Thank you to the following people who participated in the final pre-launch review of the ACCESS Web site in September 2005:

Koki Agarwal, Pat Daly, Katrin DeCamp, Karen Filipowicz, Leslie Gianelli, Patricia Gomez, Joseph de Graft-Johnson, Vickie Johnson, Elizabeth Kizzier, Natalie Kuszmerski, Nahed Matta, Anne Pfitzer, Julia Ruben, Nalinee Sangrujee, Matthew Sattah

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